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In the mood for Halloween

While most of you all wait for October 1st for Halloween season, I officially start on September 1st. True, the bulk of my decorating is inside until October, but I am mentally chanting “this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, … Continue reading

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Movie time

With Halloween just around the corner, I love to watch more Halloween themed movies. Don’t get me wrong, I always love to watch horror movies, but this time they have a Halloween theme. Over the weekend, we watched the classic … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Fact

It ain’t over until the last sequel stops making money.

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Is This How It Ends

I have Netflix. I watched it. I had to. I love end of the world scenarios. And I admit that for the most part it was a darn good story. But then it ended. Not an end, really. You know, … Continue reading

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Great Expectations

I watched 2 pieces on Netflix the other day. One was a short, part of a Halloween series, dedicated to the horror genre. The other was a murder mystery set in Victorian London about a serial killer and the marginalized … Continue reading

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Friday Futurecast: The Immersive Experience

Back in the day, the VR (virtual reality) experience was the up and coming thing. Through a pair of glasses, the wearer could become part of the game being played. This later evolved into real-life experiences where the viewer could … Continue reading

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Where is part 2?

This last week, the hubbinator and I have been spending time with Mel. Not the actual Mel but the director’s movies. Yes, I’m talking about Mel Brooks. The visionary comedic genius of Young Frankenstein, Space Balls, History of the World … Continue reading

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Under the Influence

I’ll admit that I’m a big Monty Python fan. The hubbinator and I used to quote lines from the shows so often our oldest daughter had to watch the series and movies to understand  our ‘language.’ Naturally you’ll understand what … Continue reading

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I want to see this movie

While watching BBC America on my fire stick, I saw this clip of a snownado. Yes, it really is a thing. Click here to watch Having watched all five of the Sharknado, movies, I can honestly say if someone made … Continue reading

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Three Belles

There’s nothing like being sick to help  you catch up on your movie watching. I had planned on extending my Halloween viewing time into September and I still will, but being home alone and not really feeling like doing anything … Continue reading

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