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No, I’m  not talking politics. I’m talking those original undead. Sorry to sound like a Tanya Tucker song, but I was a fan of the genre before it was cool. I remember the days when zombies were created by Voodoo … Continue reading

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Bathed in Blood—Chapter Five

Chapter 5 Serendipity Tahoma stiffened in Harlan’s embrace. Sera glanced, over the heads of the dozen security operatives, at the Mayor of Tricity. Had she heard correctly? “You’ve found a body that’s been eaten?” Mayor Scott rubbed his mushroom-shaped nose. … Continue reading

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Bathed in Blood—Intro and Chapter 1

I’m including the intro here since my kindle opens everything on Chapter one Recap One hundred years ago, a series of disasters called the Redaction spread radioactive particles around the globe and nearly wiped out life on Earth. A lucky … Continue reading

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Bloodier, Gorier and More Violent—Bathed in Blood is out!

Come dine with the cannibals for only 99cents. A civilization teetering on collapse A people demanding freedom A cannibal horde hungry for fresh meat. Six people marked for death. As the final battle for humanity’s future reaches its bloody conclusion, … Continue reading

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Conceived in Blood is Free for a limited Time

To celebrate the somewhat late release of Bathed in Blood on the 30th, I’m making the first book, Conceived in Blood free for a limited time. Spread the word! Right now it’s free at iTunes and Kobo. Amazon and Barnes … Continue reading

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Behind Intelligent Design

Like many authors, I find facets of my personality, life experiences, and education reflected in each of my stories. The romantic elements come from an optimistic belief that ultimately good triumphs over evil, the suspense subplots show how justice is … Continue reading

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