Adding to the list

I love Christmas Carols. Sure I get burnt out listening to them at the beginning of January, but I’m also the person who starts listening to them in June. Yes, June.

Since they are on my iPad, I play them at work and when my boss comes into my lab and hears them I tell them it’s psychological warfare. When the temperature is nearing 120F, pretty much anything to help stay cool is allowed.

Of course, as a writer, it helps to get into the spirit of the season while you’re writing it even if it’s still have a year away. And when the season is upon us, it is even better. We have a station that plays them all day long.

Which means, I’ve picked up a few ‘new’ songs to add to my summertime playlist. In the spirit of sharing, here are the songs so you can listen along:

Have one you want to share? Please provide a link in the comments section.

Until next time!

About Linda Andrews

Linda Andrews lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, Arizona. When she announced to her family that her paranormal romance was to be published, her sister pronounce: "What else would she write? She’s never been normal." All kidding aside, writing has become a surprising passion. So just how did a scientist start to write paranormal romances? What other option is there when you’re married to romantic man and live in a haunted house? If you’ve enjoyed her stories or want to share your own paranormal experience feel free to email the author at She’d love to hear from you.
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