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In this season of Christmas Carols, I am always surprised at how my standard is the first version I heard. All others are either the same tempo, faster, or slower. For those of you who came into the world after … Continue reading

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Did you know…

There is one very popular Christmas song that actually isn’t a Christmas song. It was written in the 1850s and first performed by a Sunday school class at Thanksgiving. The song was so popular that the church performed it again … Continue reading

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Adding to the list

I love Christmas Carols. Sure I get burnt out listening to them at the beginning of January, but I’m also the person who starts listening to them in June. Yes, June. Since they are on my iPad, I play them … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Celebrate

At work, because I have no radio, I bring my iPad and a small bluetooth speaker to listen to music while I work. Some days, I play the most recent purchases until I no longer need to listen to them … Continue reading

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Singing all the way

Christmas Carols! I really love them. I stop listening around August (because that would be so rude to Halloween, which has few enough songs to honor it) and start up again the week of Thanksgiving. I love them. I’m proud … Continue reading

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