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Thanks for your presence

About 18 years ago, my husband heard a soft meow while he was at work. The warehouse butted against a railroad track and an empty patch of ground where feral cats kept the rat and mouse populations down. Deciding to … Continue reading

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Does anyone else have

We have a mini panther, but lately he’s become more of a potty panther. Let me be clear, this is my son’s cat. I may have saved him (for which I was hissed at, although he did share his fleas), … Continue reading

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Cats on the Keyboard

Both my mouse and keyboard for my Mac are wireless. Given that the hubinator and I share the Mac and both set up the area differently, the cordless feature has saved us untold time untangling cords. Alas, there is a … Continue reading

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13 Years Old This Month

My puppy is 13 years old this month. Although we still go for our daily walks and Bear is starting to swim again, I am concerned that is limping is more pronounced. Bear is my dog. He chases all cats away and … Continue reading

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Friday Funny—Dogs Can Sleep Anywhere

Dogs are magical. Not because of the special connections they have with humans or the fact that evolved from that mythical, magical trickster, the wolf – dogs are magical because they can sleep anywhere. If I could sleep like dogs … Continue reading

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