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Excuses, excuses

I had lunch with my coworkers the other day, and one friend was kind enough to share the drama that is her daughter’s life. The story starts with an impossible roommate, late rent payment, and eviction. Thankfully, the daughter was … Continue reading

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What do you (re)make of that?

I’m certain there’s no shortage of creativity in Hollywood and other places where movies are made. So why are there constant remakes of old movies and franchises? I’m sure it has to do with money. Remaking movies that made money … Continue reading

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I May Get Up Too Early

Actually, I know I get up too early. But then who among us hasn’t bargained with the alarm. Just a few more minutes, half an hour tops. Still, the thing blares at 3:30AM and after a quick hug, we roll … Continue reading

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Time at the Movies

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to raid our DVD and BluRay collection and comb through the movies to find just the right ones to set the mood for the holidays. We always start off with Christmas Vacation. I … Continue reading

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