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Toran: Gateway to the Other Side

Chapter 5 Canaan Strattor rolled Lin Onomi off his arm and onto the pillow. She sighed wistfully before snugging the blankets against her chest and sinking into sleep.  Canaan traced the curve of her spine to her dimpled bare ass … Continue reading

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Seeds of Destruction, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Iona’s fingers froze on the buckle of her bicycle helmet as her door slowly opened. Sweat trickled from her temples. Someone was forcing their way into her apartment. Which weapon should she choose—the pen, the kitchen knife, or … Continue reading

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Seeds of Destruction

Well my new release was supposed to be out by now. I’m at 108,000 words with 15 chapters to go. I have written 5 chapters since I had originally blocked out those last 15, but I still have 15 chapters … Continue reading

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Friday’s Futurecast: Algorithms

My first introduction to algorithms via computers ruling the world was through Landru on the original Star Trek series (The Return of the Archons). In many ways, I preferred the Terminator movies. At least there was an enemy to shot, … Continue reading

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WTF People

Between Netflix, Prime, and Hulu, I’ve been watching a lot of zombie movies lately. A lot of zombie movies. Mostly set in the US. Which leads me to my rant. WTF people! In the US, there are almost as many … Continue reading

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Don’t Sit So Close to a Writer

I had to have a long talk with the hubbinator on Friday. I went to lunch with a bunch of other writers. When asked what I was writing, I happened to mention how angry I was and how I was … Continue reading

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New Release: Hadean 3: Completely Forked

Yay! It finally went live last night at amazon. When safety means starvation, one man will risk everything to ensure his family’s survival. Four months after the crazy apocalypse turned ordinary people into homicidal maniacs, Andrew Whiteangel is living the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Hadean 3: Completely Forked

Chapter One Andrew Whiteangel tugged his neatly folded hoodie off the cane back rocker in the corner of his bedroom. Drew fingered the neat stitches closing the tears in the hoodie’s sleeve before pulling it over his head. Ellen’s strawberry-scented … Continue reading

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New Book; New Playlist

Well, after talking it over with 2 uber fans, I’ve decided the next book I’m going to write is Hadean 3. It’s time for Drew, Ellen and the Scooby gang to have another go. I’ve envisioned 7 books in the … Continue reading

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Hadean—Chapter 1 (Maybe)

I’m not sure if this will be the first chapter or the second chapter, it’ll have to wait until the final edits. Chapter 1 Bible black clouds log-jammed against the western horizon. The storm’s anvil cast the White Tank mountains … Continue reading

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