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amazon Kobo iBooks Nook Chapter Two Alone we are tempting prey. Let us walk through this life’s journey together. Anonymous August 25th 1918 Looks like you should have put a bonding spell on your fiancé.” Sarcasm laced The Dugan’s voice. “What … Continue reading

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Hadean 2: Survivor Road, Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Ellen braced her body against the bathroom door. The banging had disappeared leaving behind an eerie silence. The crazies always attacked in silence. Palms flat against the cream colored panels, she struggled to drag air into her lungs. … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak—Syn-En Pillar World coming mid-February

Chapter 1 “The drones’ energy weapons holding at seventy percent charge, Admiral.” “Move the drones into position.” Addressing his Security Chief, Beijing York clasped his hands behind his back and braced his feet on the metal deck. The Skaperian techs … Continue reading

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Friday Funny and a Confession

Before we get to the funny bit, let me just admit that it’s true, I’ve been writing on other blogs. Not only that, but I actively sought them out just to write on them. I know shameful. But wait, you’ve … Continue reading

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Lots of folks think this is just the best time of year. Okay, most of them are parents. But there are a lot of kids in that number. They have to be bored too. Most of them say if often … Continue reading

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Hearts in Barbed Wire—Deleted Chapter One

Here is a peek at what I’ve been up to. The first two chapters of the historical romance set during the Great War ended up being deleted, but it helped me to set the mood the book. Enjoy! “…every face … Continue reading

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Music to Last a Hundred Years

Yes, it’s that time again. A new book means new music. Except the music that is playing through my head isn’t new. It’s over a hundred years old. Go figure. It could be that I am researching for my WWI … Continue reading

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