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Now, this post is about the weather. Like most folks who live in Phoenix, about September I’m pretty tired of the triple digits. Worse, having grown up here, I know that the heat truly won’t break until Halloween. It may … Continue reading

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Skipping holidays

While I was walking the dog and gazing up at the sliver of moon hanging onto the night, I  was planning the long weekend ahead (it’s Labor Day here in the US). You see there’s an order coming in that … Continue reading

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I should have known better

Last Wednesday was Halloween. I love Halloween slightly more than I love scary movies. The first scary movie I remember watching at a theatre was the original Friday the 13th for a birthday party. I was 12 or 13 at … Continue reading

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They’re Up!

This weekend while taking the dog for his morning walk, the temperature dropped down to a brisk 78 degrees F. Yes! It was time to turn off the ACs and turn on the house fan. Then we could open windows … Continue reading

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Is This How Crazy Starts?

A while ago I purchased a few earring kits on clearance from Oriental Trading Company. This weekend, while I binged on Netflix, I thought I would make some of the sets. Actually, all the pairs came in groups of six. … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone an amazing Halloween. I hope you get all the candy you want. Of course, you do have to buy it, so why not pick the items you want. And if you are anything like us, we buy the … Continue reading

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Some Enchanted Autumn—Halloween Paranormal Romance

amazon Kobo Barnes and Noble Chapter Three We danced tonight, though many suitors vied for your attention. Take my hand. Let me banish the shadows from your eyes. Anonymous September 1st, 1918 Home. Lonnie waved to a neighbor as they … Continue reading

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