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I’m not saying we have a candle problem in my house. I’m just saying I have a lot of opportunity to reuse the glass jars that once housed candles. Of course, each requires cleaning prior to use because for some … Continue reading

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Getting Reamed

I always am horrified by the amount of paper I run through per book. After all, I publish mostly ebooks, no paper necessary. Except there is. I print a copy for my critique partners. I print a copy for me … Continue reading

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I watch a lot of weird documentaries. For research purposes and so I don’t have to write. Ahem, I mean, so I can think of new twists to add to stories. Yeah, that’s it. So I watched this documentary on … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

So a friend of mine passed this along and I thought it was brilliant and want one of my own. I would love to give credit to the photographer and designer but I don’t know who they are. If you … Continue reading

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Back in the Closet

I don’t know about you but there are just so many hours of the day and not enough ambition to get to the home repair projects that build up. Add in the fact that my husband and I work opposite … Continue reading

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