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WTF People

Between Netflix, Prime, and Hulu, I’ve been watching a lot of zombie movies lately. A lot of zombie movies. Mostly set in the US. Which leads me to my rant. WTF people! In the US, there are almost as many … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day to those in the US

Today, we celebrate Labor Day in the US. This holiday traditionally marks the end of summer with barbecues and picnics. It is a celebration of the labor that contributed to the prosperity, strength and well-being of our country and was … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day and a Big Thanks to Vets

Today is Memorial Day in the US. Thank you to all who serve and fight for freedom. Now “THIS” is a Poster!   I don’t know who wrote  “THE FINAL INSPECTION”,  but PLEASE keep this going!    Read to the … Continue reading

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A Gift From St. Nick, Chapter 2

Chapter Two No. No? Lenore Kerrigan watched Hans Lubeck’s broad shoulders disappear into the forest of freight. How could he say no? Her students were counting on her. She squared her narrow shoulders. She would ensure her students’ Christmas gifts … Continue reading

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