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Some Enchanted Autumn—Halloween Paranormal Romance

amazon Kobo Barnes and Noble Chapter Three We danced tonight, though many suitors vied for your attention. Take my hand. Let me banish the shadows from your eyes. Anonymous September 1st, 1918 Home. Lonnie waved to a neighbor as they … Continue reading

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How Many Pumpkins does it Take to Make a Halloween?

I finally have all my Halloween decorations up and guess what? There seems to be a vast quantity of pumpkins. Everywhere. I have them as bowls for candy, on flags in my windows and hanging from the eaves outside.  I … Continue reading

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Witches and Halloween

I love tales of witches–villain or heroine. They can do magic and really who wouldn’t want to cast a spell or twitch their nose and have their house cleaned? Given that Halloween is based on the old Celtic holiday of … Continue reading

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Black Cats and Halloween

I’ve always wondered why black cats were associated with Halloween. Sure, cats are nocturnal, their fur is the color of night (which is usually when the holiday is celebrated) and they’re predators. But why black cats specifically. I couldn’t find … Continue reading

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