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What are you reading?

I’m mixing it up this month, and for several months to come. I’ve started Parting the Waters, volume 1 of the  Martin Luther King biography. It is over 900 pages long. And, instead of my usual cozy mysteries, I’ve started … Continue reading

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What are you reading? Early

It’s weird. It’s September 30th and I’ve finished reading the books I started at the beginning of the month. I didn’t expect that to happen. Seriously, one was really good and the other was not. It was so underwhelming I … Continue reading

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The Mining Museum

Given that Jerome was literally built atop a mine, it should come as no surprise that there is a mining museum along the main drag of the town. It’s not a very large museum but they did manage to capture … Continue reading

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Double Standards

I do a lot of research. At times, I’m pretty sure I write novels just so I can buy books that interest me. The hubbinator would agree:D I love how the smallest detail can add dimension and layers in a … Continue reading

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Voting Matters, History of Rights

Here in the States, the first Tuesday of November is election day. So many take voting for granted, others see it as a contest to pick the ‘winner’ instead of who represents your ideals best, or, in the worst case … Continue reading

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What You Never Wanted to Know about Daylight Saving Time

First, it isn’t savings. The ‘s’ has apparently been banned. Second, while there used to be a bank called Daylight Savings Bank. No one could ever make withdrawals. And lastly, the US congress can’t even get the time balance to … Continue reading

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Books, Books and More Books

Yes, I have a book addiction. I love the smell and touch of books. I love to read books. And I love/hate to buy them. These are some that I’ve bought in the last 45 days. They are just my … Continue reading

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Singing all the way

Christmas Carols! I really love them. I stop listening around August (because that would be so rude to Halloween, which has few enough songs to honor it) and start up again the week of Thanksgiving. I love them. I’m proud … Continue reading

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In the Middle Ages, at least three different locations claimed to possess the severed head of John the Baptist. If such a claim were made today, we’d witness an immediate outcry and investigation. CNN would have a field day. Anderson … Continue reading

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