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Friday’s Futurecast: Algorithms

My first introduction to algorithms via computers ruling the world was through Landru on the original Star Trek series (The Return of the Archons). In many ways, I preferred the Terminator movies. At least there was an enemy to shot, … Continue reading

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Behind the Series: Syn-En—The Cyborgs

Edwin Starr asked the question about war. He declared definitively that war wasn’t good for anything and, yes, this song was part of the soundtrack that I listened to while writing the Syn-En series. Yet, despite Starr’s anthem, technology emerges … Continue reading

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Gotta Kiosk For You

There are some folks who think the rise of the kiosk is directly related to the rise of minimum wage. They obviously don’t pay attention. Kiosks have been in place for years. Yes,  years. Kiosks are the next evolution of … Continue reading

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Did you know?

I learned an interesting factoid that I thought I’d pass on. You know those annoying little captcha that you have to fill out to prove that you aren’t a robot? Well, it seems those buggers are doing more than just … Continue reading

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Friday Funny—The Day Einstein Feared Most

The day that Albert Einstein most feared….. A day at the beach Cheering  on your team Having  dinner out with your friends Out on an intimate date Having  a conversation with your BFF A  visit to the museum Enjoying  the sights … Continue reading

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Hmm, WordPress isn’t playing nice with Apple

I had a post all set to go. I added all the keywords, the categories, and scheduled the time it should go live. I walked away from the computer to go and pick up my son, and lo and behold, … Continue reading

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