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A Good Idea Gone Bad

I had a thought not too long ago. An idea for a series of books. One featuring the same 6-10 characters but centered around a different disaster. One that doesn’t occur sequentially but simultaneously like in parallel worlds. My husband … Continue reading

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Voices in my Head

I have voices in my head. Given my family history of mental issues, this should be a scary phenomenon. Alas, no. The voices don’t tell me what to do so much as tell me a story. Sometimes these stories even … Continue reading

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Using Body Language in fiction

Effective characterization is a balance between dialogue, narrative and action. Dialogue is relatively easy for those of us who hear voices. Each word use and syntax holds certain nuances that are unique to that character’s background. Image an 80 year … Continue reading

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Magic in a Box

While driving home from my parents yesterday, I saw something that took me back. Four kids in their early teens were crossing a busy, seven-lane street with a cardboard refrigerator-size box. Each of them had big ole smiles and were … Continue reading

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Keyboard Tantrum

A charcter’s habits provide a shorthand approach for the reader to identify and indentify with a character. And often the best places to get those quirks and habits that make characters 3-Dimensional are from observing people. Within the last couple … Continue reading

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Emotional Turmoil

Recently I attended a lecture about making time for your writing. For the most part, I agreed with everything the wonderful lecturer said until one part. She stated that writers thrive on emotions so when friend A calls us up … Continue reading

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