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Time to Say Goodbye

I must confess one of my first loves was Dr. Pepper. Freshman year in High School and we were the best of friends, sharing all our lunches together and meeting up for breaks. Not surprisingly, our relationship intensified during my … Continue reading

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How Many Dr. Peppers Does it Take

If you follow my posts, you know that I love Dr. Pepper. It fuels my creativity in a way that few other things can. There are so substitutes for the Dr. but if it’s a knock-off or Coke/Pepsi, I’ll take … Continue reading

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A Pain in My…

Head. Yes, I woke up with a flaming migraine. Flaming you ask? Yep, I get lightning bolts. In my peripheral vision. Jagged lines of blue and yellow that appear as i get tunnel vision. Then there’s the nausea and fever. … Continue reading

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