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Cover Reveal: Syn-En: Home World

A universe on the brink of peace. A defeated enemy out for revenge. And a weapon designed to destroy everything. Admiral Beijing York and his army of Synthetically-Enhanced Humans were built for war, taught to kill, and programmed to overcome … Continue reading

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Heading Home, The Final Journey

And so it has begun. I am writing the last Syn-En book. And Bei, Nell and the gang are going to the one place they swore never to go: back to Earth. Ending a series is always hard. These people … Continue reading

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Syn-En: Ghost World, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Bei’s curses blistered the WA shocking cyberspace into silence. His outburst had shocked his men. The hieroglyphic writing on the tomb’s walls blazed with light. Under his feet, the mining base hummed with power.  His wife had activated … Continue reading

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The State of Things—Or When is the next book coming out?

I’m pretty sure I checked my sanity when I decided to become a writer. My mother says the proof is in the stuff that I write. That’s a compliment. I think. Either way, I know some of you are wondering … Continue reading

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How do you shop for books?

I suppose as an author that it is only natural that I read articles on how readers find their reading material. After all, I could target my promotion efforts (if I actually did promo) based on this enlightening knowledge. The … Continue reading

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Syn-En Registration, Book 3, Chapter 1

Any more relatives end up in the hospital, and I’ll delay releasing this until July. As it now stands, Registration should be out mid to late June. And I’ll post a chapter every Monday until it’s out:-) Chapter 1 Fisting … Continue reading

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Character Interview: Kiti Dolana

Happy Saturday everyone. It is my very great pleasure to have Cynthia Woolf and her smart and sassy character Kiti Dolana with me today. I love Cindy’s SciFi romance series and have reviewed both fabulous books. And being such a wonderful … Continue reading

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