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3 Bags Full

We had a cool snap in the summer heat over the weekend. Which was fortunate as our AC is broken. Needing a distraction, I offered the side yard. We had yet to clear most of the weeds.   And so … Continue reading

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Green Gravel

It is a well established fact of life, that when it rains, weeds grow. Every weekend, I work for an hour picking the weeds out of the gravel. It seems to be a bit of a coincidence that as soon … Continue reading

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The Gloves are off

We were supposed to get rain yesterday. We had sprinkles at 3:30 in the morning but then it was sunshine and occasional clouds. So the hubbinator and I went to the home improvement store to purchase some plants for our … Continue reading

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One word can have lots of meanings. Take garden for example. My niece-in-law is British and uses the term to convey any backyard. For most Americans it refers to a formal botanical setting with flowers or an area devoted to … Continue reading

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A Rite of Spring

As most of the country is beginning to defrost, those of us in the Valley of the Sun are wondering if we blinked and missed winter. Not that I’m complaining. The temperatures are only in the upper 80s or low … Continue reading

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If You Want to Meet Your Neighbors

While the rest of the country is defrosting, we in Arizona have been experiencing record heat. And thanks to a mild winter, we also have record weeds. Given that the neighbors house is for sale, it is also the time … Continue reading

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