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The rains came. They were waiting–seeds under the ground ready to grow at the slightest hint of moisture. So they grew and grew. And the rain came as regular as a sprinkler on a timer. Then the lawnmower broke. And … Continue reading

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When it Rains, It Grows

We were blessed with rain for 5 beautiful days. From a light mist kissing your face to a proper downpour and rivers in the gutters. Then the sun came out and chased the clouds away. Two days later, we got … Continue reading

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One word can have lots of meanings. Take garden for example. My niece-in-law is British and uses the term to convey any backyard. For most Americans it refers to a formal botanical setting with flowers or an area devoted to … Continue reading

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I thought I was being clever

The hubbinator and I have been working on our backyard.  You know, turning it into something other than a bare patch of dirt. Before the heat kicked in, we invested in 5 new plants. 2 rose bushes 1 lavender bush … Continue reading

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My Sister’s Garden

If I ever feel like no one is paying attention to my blog, I just have to post about my family. Then I know that everyone in my family is silently stalking me. Here is my sister’s garden. Once spring … Continue reading

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I Never Promised You a…

Rose garden? How about herbs and medicinal plants? And what about the bees? So we  have this slice of yard in the back of our house that is a blank canvas. Okay, maybe it’s a weed infested, thorny path of … Continue reading

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If You Want to Meet Your Neighbors

While the rest of the country is defrosting, we in Arizona have been experiencing record heat. And thanks to a mild winter, we also have record weeds. Given that the neighbors house is for sale, it is also the time … Continue reading

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