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Summertime Watching

At any given time on Netflix, I watch about five different shows. There is, of course, my old stand-by of Forensic Files. But summer also heralds the arrival of the last season of TV shows. So returning to the line-up … Continue reading

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What do you (re)make of that?

I’m certain there’s no shortage of creativity in Hollywood and other places where movies are made. So why are there constant remakes of old movies and franchises? I’m sure it has to do with money. Remaking movies that made money … Continue reading

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No, I’m  not talking politics. I’m talking those original undead. Sorry to sound like a Tanya Tucker song, but I was a fan of the genre before it was cool. I remember the days when zombies were created by Voodoo … Continue reading

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Time at the Movies

One of my favorite holiday traditions is to raid our DVD and BluRay collection and comb through the movies to find just the right ones to set the mood for the holidays. We always start off with Christmas Vacation. I … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Watch

Did you ever slow down for an accident? Yeah, I’m pretty sure you have. It seems to be human nature. Now, I don’t know about you, but I also like to find the movies with one or two star ratings … Continue reading

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The Prime of Your Life

I am a big Amazon fan and have been shopping with them shortly after they opened. True, this stems from the fact that I’m addicted to books, but I also like shopping in my pajamas (without going out in public). … Continue reading

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Taking a Break

The holiday season is always busy. There’s shopping and cooking, cleaning and baking, cards to write and make and decorating and visiting with friends and family. It is also the time when new movies are released. Disney movies. Family movies. … Continue reading

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