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Happy Halloween

Wishing everyone an amazing Halloween. I hope you get all the candy you want. Of course, you do have to buy it, so why not pick the items you want. And if you are anything like us, we buy the … Continue reading

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I’m not sly, I’m crafty

I don’t have many vices. Or should I say things, I would count as a vice. But I have to admit to a love of crafting. Maybe it is because my first job was with Michaels. Or maybe I’m just … Continue reading

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Having a Ball

I am a short person. Not little people short but petit people short. Edith Ann short. I have a foot rest at work even though my chair is on the lowest setting and frankly I find this annoying. So I … Continue reading

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Black and Blue Friday

As a rule I tend to avoid going out on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I don’t like crowds. Apparently, retailers are targeting folks like me by opening up on Thursday night. You would think by the amount of typtophan (turkey) … Continue reading

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Button, Button, my kingdom for a frickin button!

Yes,  I sew–by hand and by machine. Sewing is one of those freaky things I do to relax, until I’m doing it, then I find it aggravating. So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I would have buttons. In fact, … Continue reading

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A Sewing Machine’s Tale

Sewing machines, like people, don’t like to be ignored. When I sat down to finish piecing the quilt tops, it had been almost a year since I last used my machine. To express its displeasure at my neglect, my machine … Continue reading

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A Life in Balance

I write for the challenge. To put it another way, writing is not easy for me, painting those word pictures requires digging deep and dredging up emotions that my characters need to have in order for the story to come … Continue reading

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